About Me

My name is Joseph Delgado. I'm a 21 year old computer-science major from Saddle Brook, New Jersey. I've been coding, making games and apps since I was a kid.

For work experience, check out my resume: (PDF / Google Docs)

You can reach me at jdelgado002@gmail.com

Penumbra: VR

  • WIP VR mod for Frictional's Penumbra: Overture
  • Hand tracking for interaction, item use, and UI
  • UI/notifications reprojected in 3D space
  • Fully stereo-compatible renderer
  • Built with OpenVR (Oculus or Vive)

Duck Hunt VR

GTA: Vive

  • Mod for GTA: V that adds OpenVR/hand tracking support
  • Hooks D3D11 and the game's renderer to dump frames to headset and sync to 90hz
  • Experimental reprojected stereo from depth buffer for minspec GPUs
  • Racing wheel support with force feedback
  • Supports guns, melee weapons, driving, cutscenes
  • Download Alpha 0.1

Cobalt Runner

  • Free running game, speedrunning custom levels in multiplayer for unlockables
  • Started as a homebrew game for the PSP, became a PS Vita title under PS Mobile
  • Runs on the CSL engine on the PSP, and a home-built engine in C# on the Vita
  • Engine was later ported to Android/iOS
  • Cancelled because of school/work obligations

CSL Engine

  • Homebrew game engine for the PSP
  • Used by various homebrew games on the PSP
  • Quake-based, with many enhancements for modern games and the PSP's proprietary GPU
  • Hardware rendering with tons of new graphical features:
    • Hardware skinned animations using IQM format
    • Bloom/Color grading using the PSP's MediaEngine coprocessor
    • Decals
    • Compressed/paletted textures
    • Bezier curved 3D patches
    • Enhanced particle system
    • Rich font rendering
    • Half-Life/Quake 2/Quake 3 map support

  • Local predicton for networked games
  • Killzone's keyboard layout for chatting online
  • Clientside scripting language derived from QuakeCode

Graal Reborn

  • Complete reverse engineering of Graal Online
  • Client in video is my in-progress client developed for mobile and PC
  • Contributed 8 years of work to Graal Online servers and Graal Reborn
    • OpenGS1 scripting language re-implementation
    • Years of contributions to OpenGraal/GS2Emu, the server emulation project
    • Created alternate SDK (RC2, pictured) for developing levels, animations, and scripts and uploading assets to the game server.
    • Helped reverse engineer the Graal network protocol and scripting language

UNBomber Online

  • Multiplayer 4-player Bomberman minigame for Graal Online
  • Powerup drops
  • Customizable bombs
  • Seasonal themes, with different gameplay twists
  • Built for a Halloween event and expanded upon later


  • Homebrew platformer for the 3DS
  • Made from top to bottom including engine and assets over Thanksgiving weekend
  • Made as a proof-of-concept for GPU-accelerated homebrew

One-handed Typing

  • A pet project started after meeting a friend with one hand
  • More efficient, customizable layout allows me to reach 90+ WPM with just one hand
  • Allows disabled users to replace expensive hardware with free, open-source software


  • Various experiments done for fun in short periods
  • In-game D3D-hooking overlay for Windows tablets, for touch controls
  • Remote gaming from PC to PS: Vita
  • 2D lightmaps for Graal Online
  • Vector graphics rendering in Graal Reborn
  • Mega Man recreated in Graal Reborn
  • Helmet-mounted camera made from Android phone, 3D-printed case

Work Experience

Audible - Software Engineering Intern - Feb. 2015 - Mar. 2016

  • Bootstrapped and created FireTV client for Audible.
  • Worked on the Windows 10 app for Audible and integrated build/validation server.
  • Implemented Audible X-Ray integration, similar to X-Ray for Kindle E-Books.
  • Learned to work with massive teams, proprietary technologies.
  • Learned to work with with massive companies, codebases, and proprietary technologies.

Activu - Software Engineer - Feb. 2012 - Dec. 2014

  • Created video packetizing software for live streaming H264 from embedded platforms
  • Implemented proprietary remote access protocol optimized for various platforms.
  • Utilized the GPU to improve performance of proprietary PC-based tools.
  • Helped develop transcoding and multiplexing servers for live streams.